Rola Jordan

Expatriate (n.): a person who lives outside their native country.

Based upon that definition I’ve been an expat all my life. I am Lebanese, born and raised in Kuwait but considered a citizen of Lebanon, went to university in London, and completed my pharmacist degree in the US, where I married, had kids, had a career, and finally had a settled home.  

Although our children were still very young, my husband and I decided to pursue an opportunity to work and live in Doha, Qatar, a small wealthy country with a 90% expat population.  Despite the surprise of living as an expat and in an effort to make friends and adapt to life in Doha, I began to host brunch style gatherings, inviting people hailing from different ethnicities and backgrounds.  Most of my guests quickly reciprocated the invitation and we formed groups where phenomenal dishes were served along with a side dish of captivating stories, creating powerful bonds of friendship and multicultural understanding. The beauty I was exposed to, both in culture and cuisine, prompted me to write “Lunch in Translation.”



riccotta stuffed pancakes

This is actually a recipe that is made for dessert more than it is for breakfast. Its  middle eastern pancakes or rather "Atayyif" that are dairy free and are stuffed with ricotta cheese which creates a nice balance as a stuffing. 



Koussa (middle eastern courgettes or zucchini ) are stuffed with minced beef, onions and spices and cooked with tomato sauce is a very simple and delicious dish to make. 


raspberry cheesecake

Your family and friends will be delighted with this exquisite raspberry cheesecake recipe. It's striking, rich, and unforgettable!

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Welcome to our club. 

Lunch in Translation is the story of these experiences, woven into recipes for you to enjoy. The relationships I forged at my table with my group of friends would come to define my time overseas and color my life in ways I could not have imagined. For us, the kitchen was a safe space--a place where we could share our stories, laugh, and cry together. Lunch in Translation is all about sharing that experience with you.

 It's way more than a cookbook! I have enjoyed each and every part of it! It's global as it takes you to places across the continents, yet homey and delightful in its deliverance! Great recipes delivered with love and warmth!!"

/  Hanadi Seblani  /